Non-Standard Student Surveys Project

Project Background  

Non-Standard Student Surveys (NSSS) include any survey, focus group or interview that seeks to collect data from ANU students that is not on the Standard Survey list. This includes collections for academic, educational and/or institutional research purposes. 

This project aims to deliver improvement to support the Institutional Research team within the Planning and Service Performance (PSP) division to better manage the Non-Standard Student Surveys.  

Why is the project needed? 

Surveys are seen as critical for gathering feedback to enhance quality, service improvement and planning at the ANU. The University has a responsibility to ensure that the survey collections are consistent with relevant legislation. This project is needed to ensure applicants comply with the student surveys and evaluations policy and procedure.

For any researcher, student or staff to conduct a Non-Standard Student Survey, approval from the Director of Planning and Service Performance is required. The approval can be requested by completing a survey approval request form and submitting it to the PSP Institutional Research team. With the increasing demand for this service, process improvement is required to ensure the applicants receive approval and support in a timely manner.  

What will the project deliver? 

  • Improvement to the current Non-Standard Student Surveys process 
  • The digitalisation of the NSSS application process through Microsoft Power Apps. NSSS Power App has been released on 27 June 2023.

How will it benefit the ANU Community? 

This project will benefit any researcher, student or staff who wants to conduct a Non-Standard Student Survey by: 

  • Reducing processing time through streamlining the application process 
  • Enhancing users experience 
  • Ensuring compliance with the ANU policy and procedure 
  • Providing guidance on survey requirements 
  • Providing a platform for applicants to seek contextualised advice on survey design, methodology, and survey protocols  

Solution Partner

The digitalisation of the NSSS application process will be delivered by PSP Digital Solutions. 


Engage with PSP

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Please contact Aulia Haley, Senior Project Manager, PSP, if you have any questions for this project.

To find more information about the Non-Standard Student Survey and access the Power App, please visit the following website: Non-Standard Student Surveys - Staff Services - ANU