Register of Approved Surveys and Calendar

Survey Calendar

Standard Student Surveys


Start date

End date
Graduate Outcomes Survey - February 2/02/2023 5/03/2023
Graduate Outcomes Survey Longitudinal 16/02/2023 26/03/2023
ANU Welcome Survey 22/02/2023 8/03/2023
Graduate Outcomes Survey - May 27/04/2023 28/05/2023
ANU Check-In Survey 3/05/2023 17/05/2023
Residential Life Survey - Semester 1 3/05/2023 17/05/2023
SELT Survey - Semester 1* 15/05/2023 25/06/2023
Student Experience Survey 27/07/2023 27/08/2023
Residential Life Survey - Semester 2 4/10/2023 18/10/2023
SELT Survey - Semester 2* 16/10/23 26/11/2023
* Both SELT survey windows are blackout periods - other surveys will typically not be approved to run during these survey windows.


Register of approved Non-Standard Student Surveys

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Survey Start Date End Date

Rights, Relationships and Respect - Online survey

Privacy Impact Assessment

30-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
Medical students' perceptions on the likelihood of being exposed to discrimination in urban and rural settings 01-Feb-23 15-May-23

Rights, Relationships and Respect - Face to Face T1

Privacy Impact Assessment

23-Feb-23 28-Feb-23

ANU Gender Equity Strategy Community Consultation 

Participant Information Sheet

27-Feb-23 17-Mar-23

Rights, Relationships and Respect - Face to Face T2

Privacy Impact Assessment

19-Apr-23 25-Apr-23

Rights, Relationships and Respect - Face to Face T3

Privacy Impact Assessment

19-Jul-23 25-Jul-23



Survey Start Date End Date
IDEA Governance Framework Review Consultation 21-Feb-22 21-Mar-22
ANU Timetabling Experience - Semester 1 16-Mar-22 31-Mar-22
Effects of instruction on language learning 01-Apr-22 01-Apr-27
Rethinking Perceptions Around Online Practical Laboratory delivery: A Quantitative Comparison of In-Person and Online Educational Outcomes in Biological Anthropology Using 3D Models 25-Apr-22 19-May_22
Student First Diary Study 02-May-22 13-May-22
ANU Gender Equity Plan Focus Groups 27-Jun-22 17-Jul-22
Investigating the relationship between student experience and learning outcomes: a qualitative study 01-Aug-22 30-Sep-22
ANU Timetabling Experience - Semester 2 22-Aug-22 05-Sep-22
Annual Sir Roland Wilson Foundation (SRWF) Scholar Survey 05-Sep-22 04-Oct-22
2022 Student Services and Amenities Fee Survey  26-Sep-22 03-Oct-22
Building directed acyclic graphs for causal inference through qualitative research 30-Sep-22 16-Oct-22
Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 10-Oct-22 31-Oct-22
The feasibility and acceptability of the electronic Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (e-OSCE) in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine during COVID-19 20-Oct-22 04-Nov-22
2023-24 Reconciliation Action Plan Consultation  25-Oct-22 30-Nov-22
Learning 'Learning' to Transform Training for Applied Epidemiology 01-Dec-22 31-Oct-23