2013 brand campaign

The 2013 brand campaign artwork concept pushed the idea of the ANU device as a window showcasing what ANU has to offer. It used glass lettering to reflect the unique educational experience that students get when they join the ANU community.

Key messaging focused on 'how would you like to learn' by reinforcing the choice and flexibility on offer through an ANU degree program, as well the community we have on campus.

TV commercials were based on a 'selfie' concept, where ANU can be explored through the eyes of the current student experience. The main aim was to get people to 'picture yourself' at ANU, by offering a taste of ANU life. Four TV ads were created, which emphasised the unique aspects of ANU:

  • Jack: Discover what it's like to do an undergraduate degree and live on campus at ANU.
  • Simone: Find out what it's like to do a flexible double degree at ANU.
  • Phil: Discover what it's like to be an undergraduate student doing a research intensive degree such as the PhB at ANU.
  • Sophie: Find out why it's worth staying in Canberra for an undergraduate degree at ANU.

The 2013 brand campaign used a broad range of media channels to gain wider reach and engagement with our target audience. Advertising was seen across outdoor, TV, digital, cinema and print channels in regional NSW and metro cities nationally including Canberra.