Sending large emails via Cloudstor

System: Cloudstor »
  1. Open up a web browser of your choice and go to the Cloudstor web address for login
  2. Choose your identity provider (the name of your institution from the drop down list available on the page).
  3. Choose the Select button. This will now load an ANU authentication service trusted to the Cloudstor File Transfer Service.
  4. Enter your ANU University ID
  5. Enter your HORUS Password
  6. Select Continue. Once you have been authenticated, you will be presented with the following Cloudstor interface screen which will automatically have your ANU email address as the Senders details.
  7. Fill out the details for
    • recipients email address(es),
    • subject
    • your message to the recipient(s).
    • Cloudstor will automatically set the expiry date to 20 days from the current date.
  8. Select Browse to navigate to the file which you would like to attach, this will bring up the standard file navigation interface on the computer system you are using.
  9. Select Open.
  10. Select Send. This will now trigger a file upload from your computer to Cloudstor for the file you requested to be sent.

The file will be temporarily stored in the Cloudstor service until the expiry date that was specified before you selected Send in step ten.

At this point the sender and the recipient(s) will each receive an email from Cloudstor (which may take a few moments to arrive).

  • The sender will receive an email saying a link to the uploaded file has been sent to the recipient(s).
  • The recipient(s) will get an email with the link to be able to download the file until the expiry date. Select Log Off