Returning to campus or working under a hybrid model

Teaching and online learning

Recording lectures on campus

Academics and Teaching staff will need to book an Echo360 enabled room by emailing timetabling

Commencing Semester 1, 2021, Echo360 Lectures scheduled through timetabling, that meet the criteria, will record automatically.  

You can also continue to record in your own office or at home.  

Chifley Library recording facilities

The Chifley Library also has the following rooms available for recording lectures: One button studio and two study rooms on level 4 (4.05 and 4.06). Bookings can be made online through the following links:

Recordings produced in One-Button Studio (and other recording facilities) can be uploaded to Echo360 in order to make them available to students.

Dual Delivery teaching rooms

For information please see Teaching Remotely on the Wattle site.

To check for rooms with Dual Delivery capability, please see the ANU Teaching Space Delivery Types Knowledge Base Article.

Streaming lectures from home or office

Staff can still stream lectures from their offices and homes using Echo360 Universal Capture Personal, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, and they can upload to Echo360 in order to make them available to students.

A team has been established to assess the teaching requirements and essentials for classrooms to deliver streamed lectures (i.e. quality web cams, microphones). This team will work with academic staff through the Centre for Teaching Learning to ensure implementation by Semester 2.


AV Support 

AV checks have recommenced across all teaching spaces to ensure readiness for the start of Semester 2. For AV support on campus please log a ticket through the service desk portal or call 6125 4321 for urgent assistance.


IT support to facilitate the return back to campus

ITS has created a Knowledge Base Article to assist you with your return to campus.  There is also an extensive range of Knowledge Base Articles to support staff and students with their IT queries, these can be found through the service desk portal. If you are still require assistance, please log a ticket through the service desk portal for someone to assist you on-site.


Returning ANU equipment previously taken home  

For all items removed from campus, it is up to the individuals to ensure tracking, safe keeping and the documented return of items back to campus.

Local areas are to manage this and to fund the replacement of any equipment that is damaged or not returned to campus.


Collection of new IT equipment

If you order new IT equipment, when it arrives you will be notified to arrange an appointment for collection, at the Barry Drive office. The Barry Drive office will remain open, by appointment only, until 31 July 2020. From 1 August staff working from home will be able to collect equipment, by appointment only, from Level 4 Hancock West.

If you are working on campus, arrangements will be made to bring your equipment to your location.



There is no change to the following software items with the return to campus:

  • Poll Everywhere - The ANU has an enterprise licence for Poll Everywhere which will remain in place for use for online teaching activities.  For further information, please see the Poll Everywhere Getting Started guide.
  • DocuSign Electronic Document Signature Software - for information, please see the DocuSign Knowledge Base Article (KBA).
  • ANU Virtual Information Commons Desktop  - for information please see the ANU Virtual Information Commons KBA.
  • Zoom updates and Security  for information please see the Zoom page.
    • Chief Information Security Officer has provided some information regarding Zoom security, please see the Zoom security FAQs.
    • If you have any questions regarding Zoom security, please contact Chief Information Security Officer directly via email
  • Knowledge Base - The ITS Knowledge Base  and Service Desk Portal are available for you to access 24/7. The Knowledge Base can provide you information on a wide range of IT matters including how to map your drives and network shares. If you are unable to find the information you require in the knowledge base, you can log a support job via the Service Desk Portal and a Service Desk Officer will get back to you.
  • Software available to staff and students -  Please see the Knowledge Base Article Software available for home use.
  • GlobalProtect (VPN) - instructions on connecting to the ANU remote access platform GlobalProtect.
  • Cisco AnyConnect - This is being decommisioned 17 July.  For further information, please see Decommissioning Cisco AnyConnect Knowledge Base Article.
  • Proctorio - information on use can be found on the Proctorio page.

Mobile Phone Data

Internet usage on staff phones has been capped to prevent under and over utilisation of internet within a normal range of activity. If staff have a legitimate reason for high usage it is recommended that the local area apply to ITS to increase the staff member's Telstra data limit.


If you have any IT issues, please log a ticket through the IT Service Desk Portal.