ANU Wireless

The ANU wireless network is part of the Information Commons and comprises ANU Secure and Eduroam. Over 3500 wireless access points provide wireless coverage across campus.

All students and staff are encouraged to connect to ANU Secure.

ANU Secure is available on most operating systems, and can be accessed by students and staff using their ANU ID and password. Eduroam is for visiting academics from other Universities and will not work for ANU Staff and Students while at ANU.

Affiliates and contract staff who do not have an ANU ID may request an Affiliate ID via their Local IT Support person (LITSS).

It is strongly recommended that you enable your operating system's firewall, use up-to-date anti-virus software and read the Wireless Security Recommendations. Use of the ANU wireless network is subject to access policies and all users should make themselves familiar with these policies.

Network coverage 

ANU Wireless Network coverage is provided by over 3500 wireless access points across campus. Library locations and lecture theatres have the strongest ANU Wireless Network coverage.

Requesting additonal wireless access points

Staff can request additional wireless access points for their building by contacting the Service Desk

Access points are readily available and can be deployed quickly where there are available wall outlets and Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) switches. It is recommended that the Network Communication (NetComms) team conduct an RF Survey of the building to find the optimal means of providing the best coverage.

There is a one-time cost of $1,500 per access point for coverage in areas not considered 'shared' zones, such as Library locations and Information Commons labs.

ANU Wireless Network support 


The ANU Service desk can help with many of the basic wireless issues, such as connecting to the ANU Wireless Network and they are located on level 4 on the West side of W.K Hancock building.


Local IT Support Staff (LITSS) provide support for IT and network service issues at ANU. Please ensure that you have discussed your wireless issues with your LITSS before contacting the Service Desk.

When logging a job with the Service Desk, include the details below. This will enable faster troubleshooting:

  1. What Wi-Fi service (ANU-Secure/Eduroam) are you attempting to connect to?
  2. Include your details:
    • Your exact location, building, room.
    • Date and time of issue.
    • UserID used where the problem was experienced.
    • Device type (Smartphone, Mac, Windows etc).
    • MAC address.
  3. Have you connected to this service successfully before?
  4. Can you successfully connect to other ANU Wi-Fi services? Is it successful in other locations?
  5. Are there any displayed messages ? eg:- 'Limited or no connectivity', 'No signal'
  6. Other potentially useful information, eg:- is it intermittent, slow, affecting one or more applications?