Email addresses & lists

ANU email addresses

ANU email addresses-in the format created automatically for all students when they join ANU. The University will use this address to send you official correspondence.

Staff are allocated an email address that uses their first and last names. The default convention is, however, there are exceptions:

  • The first name is not the preferred or commonly used name.
  • The name is an extended one and is normally truncated.
  • The name contains spaces, punctuation or special characters that are not generally supported by email systems (eg Renée, Chloë, Dvorák, van der Kamp, O'Brien).
  • The formal order of names (as held in the payroll/personnel system) does not correspond to preferred usage.
  • The combination is not unique.

Postgraduate students may obtain an email address that uses their first and last names at the discretion of the Local IT Support Staff (LITSS). If this email address is required and approved, a Service Desk job will also need to be logged to apply the alias to your Office 365 email account. We recommend using your address for any publications or communications, as the address will expire when upon graduating.

Email lists

To facilitate communication with the ANU community, the University has established a number of email lists-including student; staff; function-specific, ex officio and role-based-to distribute official information across the University campus.

Each email list has an owner and/or authority responsible for the list. If you wish to send a message to a list you must obtain approval from one of the officers responsible for that list. Advice for posting to an email list has been provided by Information Technology Services.

Subscription to the staff and role-based email lists is an automatic process driven by information held in the ANU Human Resources Management System.

To create a mailing list visit ANU Email List Manager.