Staff email lists

Staff email lists are based on a person's appointment classification-for example professional staff, academic staff, or casual academic staff-within the University. A staff member can be on more than one email list if they have more than one appointment classification within the University.

Subscription to a staff email list is determined by employment categories in the ANU Human Resources Management System. All staff email lists are private and list names are not publicly advertised.

Posting to these lists is restricted and managed by the list authority, and all postings are archived.

The table below outlines the appointment classifications that form each staff email list and which area/s have authority to determine who can send to the lists.

Email list name Appointment classifications within the University Authority to manage and send to the list

All academic staff (excluding casuals)

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

All general staff (excluding casuals)

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

All casual academic staff

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

All casual general staff

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

Academic visitors paid through ANU HRMS,

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

Postgraduate scholars

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

Other staff-eg functionaries and tutors (Halls of residence)

HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

All affiliates registered on the Online Account Management System (OLAMS access required to login).

ITS/HR Division/Vice-Chancellor's Office

All staff subject to ANU employment conditions-this includes academic staff, general staff, casual academic staff, and casual general staff email lists.

Vice-Chancellor's Office

All people on the above lists, including scholars and affiliates.

Vice-Chancellor's Office Staff who have elected to receive Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information and updates Equity and Diversity Unit