Smoke-free campus

ANU is smoke-free

The ANU has a Smoke-Free Policy that prohibits the use of all smoking products (tobacco product, herbal product, personal vaporiser or personal vaporiser product), anywhere, on all of the University's campuses, including buildings, properties, grounds, and workplaces.

ANU started phasing out Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas (DOSA) in July 2020. As part of this transition, there is no longer a DOSA on University Ave at Kambri or at the Fulton Muir precinct and smoking is prohibited in these areas. Anyone choosing to smoke must remove themselves to an off campus location to do so.

Why 'smoke-free'

It is widely acknowledged that smoking and vaping are harmful to health, and there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke or vaping products.

Tobacco smoking is responsible for the death of up to two-thirds of Australian smokers aged 45 years and over and is a primary risk factor for various cancers, respiratory and cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. People with medical conditions such as asthma can be severely affected by secondary (passive) smoke.

Smoking related litter has a significant adverse effect on our natural environment, including rare and endangered wildlife whose habitats are in or around the ANU campuses.

Evidence shows that a smoke-free environment increases the rate of quitting and reduces the number of people taking up smoking or recommencing smoking if they had previously quit.

In maintaining a smoke-free campus, ANU is seeking to encourage and support people to quit smoking and to protect vulnerable members of our community from incidental exposure to tobacco smoke and vaping by-products.

People who choose to smoke are encouraged to be considerate of their colleagues and classmates by smoking off campus, and to also consider their own health by accessing support to reduce, or ideally quit, their use of tobacco products. For further information go to Frequently Asked Questions and Staff and Student Support.

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