Superannuation preservation age

What is preservation

Preservation is government rule that require certain superannuation benefits to be maintained in the superannuation system for retirement until preservation age.

You may be eligible to take only part of your benefit in cash when you leave employment. You can take the non-preserved amount in cash on ceasing employment. However, due to the Government's preservation rules, the preserved component of your superannuation can only be accessed when you:

  • have attained age 55 (the minimum preservation age) and have permanently retired from the workforce
  • reach the age of 60 and leave your employer (born on 1/7/60 or later). The minimum preservation age will be greater than age 55, but no later than age 60
  • reach age 65
  • have become permanently incapacitated
  • are a non-resident leaving Australia with an expired visa.

In special circumstances eg financial hardship, subject to UniSuper trustees or APRA approval, UniSuper has the discretion to pay a preserved benefit to a member.


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