Aspects of retirement

Commonly asked questions about retirement

Some of the issues to consider when thinking about retirement include:

  • the financial implications of retirement. One of the major factors in this will be the staff member's superannuation
  • what to do after retirement. Many retirees prefer to maintain an active involvement with the University community
  • how to cope with retirement. Sometimes retirement can result in difficulties such as anxiety, loneliness, grief or depression. Staff members can seek guidance and assistance from the Adviser to Staff to help them plan in advance to deal with such issues if they arise.

One of the major issues that a retiring staff member must deal with is financing retirement. This is often about superannuation but also encompasses broader financial issues.


Staff members should be aware of their options and entitlements. It is important to realise that your superannuation entitlements can affect your retirement decisions and vice versa. Therefore, the University strongly encourages all staff members to obtain advice about superannuation, especially those staff members who are approaching retirement age1. While University staff themselves cannot provide personalised financial or superannuation advice, there are a number of avenues through which to obtain assistance.

The first point of contact should, of course, be the relevant superannuation fund. For most staff that will be UniSuper. However, some staff members will be members of the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS). Both schemes offer seminars for staff each year which are well worth attending.

Health insurance

Staff members who are currently members of ANU Staff Health Insurance Plan, or join the plan prior to retirement, can remain in the plan post-retirement, and continue to pay ANU corporate rates. Staff should make arrangements to pay via direct debit rather than payroll deduction post-retirement.

Financial advice

Staff should also seriously consider obtaining independent financial/retirement advice from a professional financial planner. The Financial Planning Association of Australia can provide assistance in finding an financial planner to suit your individual needs.


From time to time the University arranges with the financial planning industry for on-campus programs tailored towards assisting University staff to plan for retirement. Further information on seminars can be found under Salaries & benefits.

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