UniSuper contribution flexibility

For Defined Benefit & Accumulation 2 members

Contribution flexibility gives members the ability to choose the level of their standard member contribution by selecting a pre-determined rate. This election can be made for both post and pre-tax standard member contributions and once elected cannot be reversed or increased.

Reducing member contributions

Reducing member contributions is a significant decision that may affect the amount of money a person will have to live on in retirement. It could also impact on insurance cover. Before entering into this arrangement you should seek your own independent financial advice. Once a person has chosen to reduce their contributions they will be unable to increase them. However, additional contributions may be made via voluntary contributions. Standard member contributions cannot be re-instated to a defined benefit component.

Contribution flexibility guide

Changing your member contribution is an important decision. That's why UniSuper has developed the Default Member Contribution Guide to help you to:

  • understand how your super works
  • find out about contribution flexibility
  • know what your options are, and
  • identify the potential risks and benefits of different decisions.

To access contribution flexibility arrangements staff members need to read and complete the UniSuper Default Member Contribution Guide and Fact Sheet. Please forward completed form to the Remuneration and Conditions Branch at employment.services@anu.edu.au

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