Flexibility at ANU

Staff, including casuals, are required to submit an Individual Flexibility Agreement/Home Based Work application through HORUS and have this approved by their supervisor and delegate before commencing any flexible work arrangements.

More information on Individual Flexibility Agreements can be found here.

Excellence everywhere is a key message in the ANU Strategic Plan. To support staff to achieve this, we recognise that our staff have passions, priorities and purpose both inside and outside of the University.

We are all part of an inter-connected ANU community, working with our local area teams as well as colleagues across campus and beyond.  None of us works in isolation and, in considering flexibility at the ANU, it is important to look beyond our own needs and preferences and think about flexibility within our teams.  This includes how we engage with our own team, with other teams, as well as supporting our own individual needs.

We want to consider flexibility holistically as part of a conversation about team operational requirements - balancing responsibilities, achievements, personal and professional development and success at work.

Flexibility goes beyond working part-time, changing your start or finish time or accessing leave to support outside commitments. Flexibility can be about: where you work, when you work and how you work. Flexibility at ANU is about fostering and developing the environment in which we can excel, deliver outcomes for teams and our individual role and responsibilities at work and in our broader lives.

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