Individual Flexibility Agreement

Staff, including casuals, are required to submit an Individual Flexibility Agreement/ Home Based Work application electronically through HORUS for the approval of their supervisor and delegate before commencing any flexible work arrangements.

  • The Individual Flexibility Agreement requires the approval of 2 forms in HORUS:
    • Off Campus Workstation Assess (OCWA)
    • Individual Flexibility Agreement (IFA)
    • The OCWA requires approval by the supervisor and Work Environment Group (WEG) prior to the IFA form workflow commencing.
  • Once an employee submits an OCWA form, and it is approved by the supervisor, an email is sent to for review and approval by the Work Environment Group (WEG).
  • If the OCWA is <Approved> by WEG, the employee can then initiate an Individual Flexibility Agreement.
  • If the OCWA is <Not Approved> by WEG, the employee will be advised via the workflow process and will be sent a separate email providing further reasons for the rejection.
  • If the employee has an <Approved> OCWA, they can submit an IFA. Once submitted by the employee, the IFA will workflow to the supervisor for approval. If the IFA is <Approved> by the supervisor, it will workflow to the Delegate for consideration and final approval.
  • If <Approved> by the delegate, the employee and supervisor are notified, and a PDF will be automatically uploaded to the ERMS folder of the employee.


Step 1
Login to HORUS & navigate to ESS

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Login to HORUS ( and select the HR Forms tile from the Employee Self Service Menu .

Step 2
Accessing the OCWA form

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From the 'Individual Flex Agreement' folder, select 'Off Campus Workstation Access'.

All employees who do not have an <Approved> OCWA will need to submit a new one using HORUS, before they can submit an IFA. The ‘Off Campus Workstation Assess’ (OCWA) link requires the HORUS Form to be submitted and approved by WEG BEFORE an IFA can be submitted.


  • It is mandatory to have an ‘Unexpired’ and <Approved> OCWA before an ‘Individual Flexible Agreement’ can be submitted. If there is no <Approved> OCWA in the system, the staff member will not be able to submit an IFA. The process won’t allow this submission when it validates and finds there is no <Approved> OCWA.

Step 3
Submit OCWA form

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Submit the OCWA Form after answering the questions and attaching a photo of the work station.


  • Staff members can withdraw a submitted form before it is <Approved> by their supervisor.
  • If there is an existing OCWA Form in the system that has not been approved yet, the employee cannot submit another one.

Step 4
Save for later

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You can save a form and return to submit it later as well. If that is the case, you will also be prompted and asked if you wish to continue with the saved form in the OCWA page

Step 5
Accessing saved forms

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If a form has been started and saved, it can be found in ‘Off Campus WS Assess History’. You can also choose to withdraw it if it has not yet been <Approved>.

Step 6
Approval notification

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You will be notified when the OCWA has been approved.

Step 7
Submit IFA

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Once the OCWA has been approved, you can submit an IFA.

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