Issuing the formal contract

The University must provide a formal instrument of appointment or contract to prospective employees.

This is done in the form of an offer of employment. Offers can be prepared locally, but if there is any proposed variation to the standard offer, the changes will need to be cleared through Human Resources Division via the Recruitment Services team.

Existing University staff members will require a transfer or additional offer.

Contract contents

The letter and Contract of Employment will specify the:

  • title and classification of the position
  • supervisory arrangements
  • term of the appointment
  • probationary period (if any)
  • remuneration (salary, superannuation and any allowances or loadings)
  • benefits (recreation, long service and sick leave, travel for business purposes, study programs etc)
  • role
  • conduct
  • travel and removal expenses (if applicable)
  • termination of employment.

Offers of employment include a precondition that evidence of qualifications, identity and Australian work entitlements be provided for verification. Certain appointments will also require pre-employment medical and/or security checks.

Acceptance of the offer

The applicant must accept the offer of appointment in writing or electronically through ANU Recruit. However, if an employee starts work and accepts remuneration paid by the University without providing written acceptance of the offer, the terms and conditions of the offer, including remuneration, are deemed accepted. In either event, the offer of appointment letter constitutes the basis of the contract of employment with the University.

Declining the offer of appointment

If the preferred applicant declines the offer of appointment the second ranked appointable applicant maybe offered the job (if the Selection Committee made this provision on the Selection Committe Report). If there are no appointable applicants, the position may be re-advertised, or the Selection Committee might consider other recruitment strategies.

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