Informal advice to the recommended applicant

The chair of the selection committee may, in certain circumstances, inform the preferred applicant that the committee has made a recommendation for their appointment. It is preferable though to wait until the delegate approves the recommendation of the selection committee.

Informal advice might, however, be considered if there has been a delay in preparing the documentation for the delegate, and it is believed the successful applicant needs to be advised and consulted on appointment issues. The purpose of these negotiations is not to finalise the arrangement but rather to establish that the interest remains and what issues, including salary, need to be addressed in finalising the contract.

A verbal offer of employment and the applicant's verbal acceptance does have the potential to create a contractual relationship between the successful applicant and the University. Therefore a verbal offer should not be made without the agreement of the delegate. A verbal offer can be binding.

It would be preferable for the Chair to make such contact after obtaining the delegate's agreement. Any discussions should be handled by a person who is in possession of all pertinent facts in relation to the requirements of the contract.

The delegate should be kept informed about the nature and extent of all discussions about future employment.

The Recruitment Services team should be advised in writing of any changes to the terms of employment that maybe negotiated that are outside of the standard contract.

No undertaking, or assurances, in respect of conditions or terms of employment are to be given and the preferred applicant is to be advised to do nothing until the University's written offer of appointment has been received. They must certainly be advised not to resign from their current employment.

If the successful applicant is coming from overseas, they should be reminded the offer of appointment will be conditional on them satisfying any immigration requirements, where applicable.

In no circumstances can work commence without an employment contract.

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