Making a workers compensation claim

When to claim

You can claim compensation if your injury or disease is caused or contributed to by your work and occurred:

  • while you were at work (including normal work breaks such as lunch); or
  • travelling on an approved work activity.

Staff members are not obliged to make a claim for compensation.  It is the individual staff member's choice to claim for compensation.

If you have not incurred any costs associated with the injury you should not make a claim for compensation. 

How to make a claim

  1. Complete an online incident notification report through Figtree.

  2. Download and complete all relevant sections of the Workers' Compensation Claim pack (PDF, 1MB)

  3. See a qualified medical practitioner and obtain a medical certificate that states the nature of your injury and its relatedness to work.
  4. Submit your completed Workers' Compensation Claims form to
  5. The Injury Management team will complete the employer section of the claim form and then provide to the ANU claims management team.

Once your claim is submitted 

Your Claims Services Officer will process your claim and will: 

  • register your claim
  • notify you that they have received the claim
  • assign a claim number
  • assess your claim and determine whether your injury is work-related and
  • notify you whether they accept liability.

What to do if you do not agree with the University's decision

If you do not agree with the University's decision, you may seek a reconsideration of their decision.  ANU will provide you with details on how to submit a reconsideration, in the determination letter. 

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