19. Entitlement to breaks

19.1. Staff members are entitled to breaks for meals, morning/afternoon tea, safety and changing time for purpose of washing and changing in accordance with the following table:

Type of break





Professional staff

Not less than 30 minutes after five consecutive hours of work

Meal break does not count as time worked

Shift worker

Not less than 20 minutes during the first five hours of shift

Meal break is counted as time worked

Two hours overtime continuing after completing ordinary hours of work

Additional break not more than one hour and meal allowance at rate specified in clause 27.15

Meal break does not count as time worked


Professional staff

Ten minutes each morning and afternoon

Tea breaks counted as time worked except where local agreements supersede.


When emergency work is undertaken or overtime worked in technical or similar areas

20 minutes on completion of every four hours of work

Safety breaks counted as time worked

Changing time for purpose of washing and changing

Where working conditions require

Five minutes prior to breaks and completion of work

Counts as time worked – local agreements may supersede.

19.2. The University acknowledges staff may require flexibility around their breaks, including the use of micro breaks for wellness, family support, religious observation, to meet personal requirements and/or other commitments.  In these cases, staff may request a flexible work in accordance with clause 45 of the Agreement.


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