ANU LGBTIQA+ Ally Network

ANU LGBTIQA+ Ally Network 

The ANU LGBTIQA+ Ally Network is made up of a group of staff and students across campus who are committed to providing an inclusive and respectful environment for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual (LGBTIQA+).  
The Respectful Relationships Unit (RRU) provides training, hosts events, and facilitates networking and support opportunities on behalf of the collective. 

Who can become an ANU Ally?  

Any staff member or student who is passionate about providing a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTIQA+ people can become an ANU Ally. This includes people who are a part of the LGBTIQA+ community as well those who are not.   

Allies do not need to be experts about matters of sexuality and gender identity, but they strongly support making the University an environment where all staff and students can safely work and study free of harassment or discrimination. 

Allies understand the reasons why many transgender, bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, queer, or intersex people may face harassment or discrimination, and why it is important to have Allies who are prepared to speak out on their behalf or advocate alongside them. Having trained Allies helps create a network of support across the University, ultimately creating a safer culture for LGBTIQA+ people. 

What are the expectations of ANU Allies?  

After completing our free training, Allies undertake a voluntary role knowing that their contribution helps make ANU a better place to work and study for everyone. An ANU Ally is expected to: 

  • Be a role model for the University community through their behaviour and language 

  • Raise the visibility of the ANU Ally Network by placing posters in suitable areas and displaying their Ally sign in their work area 

  • Provide a confidential and safe environment for people to make enquiries about issues related to LGBTIQA+ matters. 

  • Provide information and appropriate referral 

  • Proactively address homophobic or heterosexist behaviour in the workplace 

  • Actively seek to extend their own knowledge and understanding about the issues 

How to become a member 

To become a member of the ANU Ally Network you will need to complete our Ally Training.  

Once you have completed the training, you just need to click the ‘Join the ANU Ally Network’ button on this page and fill out the form. 

If you have not yet completed the training, click the ‘Join the ANU Ally Network’ button and on the form select the option ‘I have not yet completed Ally Training’. We will then contact you with reminders for upcoming training sessions.  

Local Area Allies (LAAs)

The Ally Network presents our Local Area Allies as volunteer members of the Network that may be closer, additional supports for LGBTQIA+ staff and students in your local areas of the university.

For more information on what LAAs can and cannot support please follow the link at the top right of the page.

Get involved 

University-wide events  

The Ally Network hosts a range of exciting events throughout the year on dates that are important to the LGBTIQA+ community. These events are open to everyone, not just Ally Network members. To view our upcoming events, head to the RRU events page link here.

Monthly Newsletter

Members receive email newsletters on the 1st of every month including information about what's on that month, queer opinion blog pieces, member of the month interviews and local queer initiatives promotion. 

Social Media

Follow the Ally Network on Facebook @ANUALLY and Instagram @ANUALLYNETWORK for weekly posts and engagement