The department code

The department code denotes the school, faculty, centre or administrative division within ANU, also known as Budget Units. The department code has five digits, with the first two (sometimes referred to as "school code") generally identifying the budget unit and the three remaining digits representing an area within the budget unit.

Example: R 24510

R = Recurrent fund24 = Finance and Business Services510 = Administration

The organisation structure comprises of a number of budget units, which are denoted by the first two characters of the department code.

College will comprise of a number of single budget units as well as a College - General Unit. They are denoted by alpha reference keys.

The College - General Unit - Department codes are a combination of five alpha/numeric characters, AANNN, where the first two characters denote the college unit. For example, CH510 is the College of Medical and Health Sciences - General Administration Department.

Budget Units are the research schools, faculties, centres, and administration areas across the University. Normally a combination of research schools, faculties and centres will make up a college, together with a College - General Unit. The normal budgetunit department codes are numeric characters only, NNNNN, where the first two numbers denote the budget unit. For example 42510 is the John Curtin School of Medical Research - General Administration Department.

The primary ANU administration areas, such as Central Finance, Human Resources, Student Administration, Facilities & Services, and other areas do not form part of the college structure.

ANU budget unit codes

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