NARU units

North Australia Research Unit provides residential accommodation to support researchers undertaking work in Northern Australia and the adjacent region. Conveniently located on campus in Brinkin, NARU offers short term (less than two weeks) accommodation in two three-bedroom units and one two-bedroom unit. All units are fully furnished and guests stay in private rooms with shared kitchen, bathroom and living facilities.

Bookings of two weeks or more must be approved by the NARU Management Committee by submitting a research application. Accommodation units are also offered on an exclusive basis with under the approval of the NARU Management Committee. Please refer to the Conditions page for further information about relevant ANU policies and research application guidelines.

If you have stayed at NARU recently, we would love to hear your feedback through our online feedback form.


  1. Accommodation is available to support research or other activities conducted at NARU. It is available only to ANU researchers, and those who wish to collaborate with them, on research topics of relevance to North Australia and the adjacent region. The children and partners of such eligible persons are also eligible.
  2. Accommodation bookings for large groups (7 or more) are discouraged during the peak period of May to August. Such requests from non-ANU researchers will be considered on the proviso that seasonal bookings from ANU staff and researchers are not jeopardised.
  3. Bookings including children under 16 are limited to Nuggets Place. In order to minimise disturbance to other guests, researchers wishing to stay at NARU with children must book and pay for an entire accommodation block.
  4. Only registered assistance animals are allowed.

Please note that the Top End of Northern Territory is prone to cyclones between November to April each year. Please check for any current cyclone warning for the Darwin region prior to your departure.

Academic relationships

The ANU has a close working relationship with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), also based at the North Australia Campus. A common agreement between the ANU and AIMS allows for AIMS staff and researchers to access the campus accommodation and seminar room without having to submit a research application.

The North Australia Campus and Charles Darwin University (CDU) are neighbours and as such we endeavour to foster a spirit of cooperation between the two Universities. On occasion, CDU may request longer-term accommodation for their personnel at NARU and where possible their requests can be considered providing the needs of the ANU and non-ANU researchers and staff are not inconvenienced in any way.