Human Resources Division


To support ANU staff to achieve excellence by:

  • providing innovative human resources services to support the achievement of ANU goals.
  • working together with Colleges and Divisions to provide ANU-wide HR services which are valued, consistent, responsive and supportive to managers and staff members.


The Human Resources Division provides a range of operational, advisory and strategic services which enable ANU to attract, develop and retain outstanding staff who are committed to the achievement of excellence and to the values of The Australian National University.


  • Policy development advice to the executive and senior managers on long term related human resource policy and innovative human resources strategy.
  • Staff employment and salary services including appointments, promotions, payment of salaries, leave, superannuation and conditions of service.
  • Staff health & safety services including advice on the provision of a healthy, safe and productive environment for staff, injury management and workers compensation management.
  • Workplace development advice on future practices to assist staff to achieve excellence, including management of change, performance, leadership and management development, staff development and training, job classification and remuneration.
  • Information and workforce planning services to provide information and advice to assist managers to forecast and take action in anticipation of future workforce trends, and provide HR systems and infrastructure support.


We support and practice ANU values in the provision of our services.

Roles & responsibilities

The University Strategic Plan ANU by 2012 requires that: 'all areas take responsibility for recruiting the best talent and developing their skills and nurturing them in order to meet the research and education goals of the University.

This principle recognises that the accountability for human resources management rests primarily with supervisors and managers as they are in the best position to understand local issues, engage with staff and ensure that sound staffing outcomes are achieved.

The University's human resources staff provide support to managers through the provision of policies, systems, services, programs and guidance on staffing practices that will enable quality staffing outcomes to support the achievement of the research and education goals of the University.

The Human Resources Division works in partnership with line managers and College/Division human resource practitioners to provide high quality services and to provide leadership in terms of policy, governance and enabling systems. The specific role of each group is as follows:

  • the Human Resources Division (HRD) provides a range of policy, operational and advisory services and University programs designed to attract, develop and retain outstanding staff that are committed to the achievement of excellence and the values of ANU. The Director- Human Resources holds the delegations for key employment and termination related provisions under University delegations and HR policy and procedures. The Division represents the University with external bodies on all staff- related matters
  • college/Divisional human resources practitioners provide a range of devolved operational and consulting support services to, and provide the first point of contact with, their local staff within the parameters of University delegations, HR policy, procedures and guidelines set by the Director - Human Resources. They also contribute to HR policy development.  

Key roles of the HR Division

  • Policy development advice on long term related human resource policy and innovative human resources strategy, and university programs around cultural and organisational change.
  • Staff employment and salary services including appointments, promotions, transition to retirement, voluntary separations, redundancy, payment of salaries, leave, superannuation, conditions of service and job classification and remuneration.
  • Staff health & safety services including advice on the provision of a healthy, safe and productive work environment for staff and students, along with well-being programs, injury management and workers compensation management.
  • Career and workforce development advice on future practices including career development and talent management strategies, development programs, mentoring support, and staff diversity and inclusion strategies.
  • Workforce planning services to provide information and advice to assist managers to forecast and take action in anticipation of future workforce trends.
  • Oversight of all human resources processes from end-to-end across the University.
  • Information and Statutory reporting to provide information to assist with decision-making on staffing matters, provide external reporting on undertaken on behalf of the University in relation to staffing numbers, OH&S, superannuation, senior remuneration and Equal Employment Opportunity matters, and provide core HR systems and infrastructure support

The University HR policies and procedures are located on the University policy website

The service standards relating to the provision of HR services are outlined in the Human Resources Division Service Charter which also links to College HR Service Charters.

Contact us

For enquiries on appointments & promotions or remuneration & benefits matters, please see your local  business office first.  After consulting with your business office please contact the HR team (HRD Central Services, HRD Humanities & Social Sciences or HRD Sciences) that supports your area.

General enquiries: 6125 3346

Our teams & contacts


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Academic promotions 
Phone +61 2 6125 3657
Phone +61 2 6125 6600
Chair, Staff Amenities Fund Committee 
Community Wellbeing 
Culture and Development 
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Director Human Resources 
Divisional HR Business Partners 
Employee Relations 
Enterprise Agreement 
Executive Assistance 
HR Services 
HR Systems 
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Organisational Change 
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Staff Funding Initiatives 
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Phillippa Cantrall 
Deputy Chief People Officer, Talent and Capability
Phone +61 2 6125 0106
Mark Mulligan 
Deputy Chief People Officer, People, Safety and Wellbeing
Phone +61 2 6125 5208
Nadine White 
Chief People Officer
Phone +61 2 6125 0816
Mark Cook 
Deputy Chief People Officer, Strategy and Planning
Belinda Farrelly 
Associate Director, Organisational Change
Jasmine Gallo 
EA / HR Project Officer
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