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All Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates must complete the ANU Research Integrity course and pass the Research Integrity Milestone exam, within 3-6 months of enrolment. Completion of the course and test is a compulsory milestone for all HDR students.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

The course can be found on the ANU learning management system, Wattle, and consists of 7 short modules:

There are seven modules in this course:

  • Research misconduct
  • Authorship, publication, dissemination and plagiarism
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Supervision
  • Human research ethics
  • Data management
  • Animal ethics and recombinant DNA

You can read through and complete the course in any order. We estimate the course and milestone will take approximately three hours to complete.

Accessing the course

The online course is accessed in two steps:

  1. Log into Wattle, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE YOUR COMMUNITY SITE AND search for “Research Integrity Training” and self register
  2. On completion of the course work go to ISIS to take the Research Integrity milestone exam.

To access the e-Form exam (after completing the course on Wattle:

  • Log into ISIS using your student number and password.
  • Follow the Main Menu > ISIS > Research > Research Reports.
  • Click the Begin e-Form hyperlink on the Research Integrity Training row to start your exam.

We have made this course and passing the milestone exam a requirement of your degree to ensure you have awareness of the issues - not as a punitive measure. If you fail the milestone exam your enrolment status will not be affected. As of November 2017, there have been changes to the RIT eForm system. If an HDR candidate fails the RIT test a second time, the eForm will now workflow to the Chair of Panel with the questions the student failed, rather than simply emailing the Chair a checklist. The Chair is to meet with the HDR candidate to dicsuss the principles of the code (using the eForm). On submission, the milestone gets set to Satisfactory/Complete in SAS.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the Wattle course, please use the ANU helpdesk.  If you experience difficulties accessing the eform on ISIS, contact please refer to the Student Administration eForms website for how to get help.

For course content queries only, please contact Research Skills and Training.

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