Online Statistics Courses

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SCU offers 4 online courses delivered via Wattle which allow students to work at their own pace throughout the exercises. 

SCU1Introductory Statistics course covers the fundamentals of data collection, organising data, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and formulating and testing statistical hypotheses.

SCU2Experimental Design and Analysis course covers basic principles such as randomisation, replication, blocking and local control.

SCU3: Introduction to Modelling course covers using simple linear regression, recognising non-linear relationships, detecting and describing relationships between two categorical variables, using multiple linear regression, using logistic regression and how to avoid reaching the wrong conclusions from not including enough variables in the analysis.

SCU4Statistical Thinking for Researchers is our new course; it is an introduction to concepts in data analysis presented as a series of short videos with Powerpoint slides. Topics include graphical summaries of data, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, and regression models. The content is evolving as more videos become available.

Unfortunately the courses SCU1-3 are unavailable right now, as they are undergoing updates to enhance the coursework.

In the meantime, SCU4 is our new course available - it is currently being developed, so if there are topics you would like covered or any feedback you'd like to provide, please email


To register for SCU4, click the 'register now' button. 


Online courses should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. The SCU recommends Honours/HDR students book in for a face-to-face consultation early on in their thesis.