Higher Degree Research Candidate Induction to ANU

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Welcome to ANU.

There are many metaphors for doing a PhD or MPhil - people often describe it as like running a marathon or climbing a mountain. The metaphor that ANU candidates share with us the most is a roller coaster. It represents the ups and the downs you might experience during your degree.

As part of the ANU Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the ANU PhD strategy, in 2022, the ANU HDR Induction program is 5 days, offered twice a year. New candidates will be invited to attend via email.

Our 2022 dates are: 

  • Monday 4 April - Friday 8 April
  • Monday 5 September - Friday 9 September

Monday and Tuesday provide an official welcome to the University from the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of Higher Degree Research, and four research skills workshops from the Researcher Development team to get you started on the right foot. Wednesday offers an opportunity to meet researchers from various industries across the ACT, including a visit to important cultural sites in the region. Sessions on Thursday and Friday will provide detailed information about the HDR support and opportunities available to you in your school and or college. Each part of Higher Degree Research Candidate Induction to ANU is essential. 

If you have any queries, please contact Reseracher Development via email researcherdevelopment@anu.edu.au.