Animal Ethics Submission Dates

The new Research Ethics Management System (REMS) is now live. The September and October AEC meetings will be conducted in ARIES and the meetings from November onwards will be conducted in REMS. For more information please visit the REMS SharePoint site.

Meetings in 2023 run on a 5-weekly cycle. Please check the deadlines for submission below as the dates are different to previous years.

All project and amendment applications must be submitted to the Research Ethics Office’s Animal Ethics Team ( by the submission deadlines, as listed in the table below. 

We strongly recommend that you prepare your application early to allow sufficient time for review and feedback prior to submission. If you have a project that is due for renewal, we recommend submitting your renewal application at least two AEC meetings prior to your end date. Please note that submission deadlines are four weeks before a meeting and pre-reviews of drafts need to be scheduled at least two weeks before then.

After receiving your ethics application, the Animal Ethics Team and/or the AEC may request further comment or clarification from you before the meeting date. 

You can also request an ANU Vet Services Team review of your draft in REMS.

AEC Meeting Dates

All deadlines are at close of business.

Vet review request deadline*

Submission deadline 

Meeting date

17 October 2023
21 November 2023
9 January
13 February
19 March
24 April
28 May
2 July
6 August
10 September
15 October
19 November 2024

31 October 2023



5 December 2023


23 January


27 February


2 April


7 May


11 June


16 July


20 August


24 September


29 October


3 December 2024

28 November 2023**


16 January 2024


20 February


26 March


30 April


4 June


9 July


13 August


17 September


22 October


26 November


21 January 2025

*ANU Vet Feedback: If you have a technical question regarding your application you can contact the ANU Vet Services Team at If you would like an ANU Vet to give feedback on your draft application prior to submission, please ensure you provide your initial draft application two weeks before the submission deadline. This can be requested in REMS via the green ‘Submit’ button when your draft is ready

**End of year/start of next year submissions: This is the last meeting for the year. If you need an approval before the end of January next year, please ensure that you submit by this last submission date. 

Please see New animal ethics applications and REMS SharePoint site for more information on the application process.

If you have any questions about applications or submission dates, please contact the Research Animal Ethics Team on



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