Research Integrity Advisors

The University takes concerns about research integrity very seriously. Complaints or allegations of research misconduct can be made to the Research Integrity team. The Research Integrity team manages formal complaints and allegations of research misconduct in line with the ANU Procedure: Research misconduct and serious research misconduct.

However, if you would like further information regarding responsible conduct of research at the University, Research Integrity Advisors are available to provide confidential advice to all University students and staff members.

Research Integrity Advisors play a key role in research ethics and integrity at the ANU. They promote the responsible conduct of research and provide advice to those with concerns about potential breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018 and applicable ANU policies. 

The role of Research Integrity Advisors and how they can assist you

Our Research Integrity Advisors are experienced researchers from a wide range of disciplines. You can approach any RIA from any College.

There are several core principles that RIAs adhere to:

  1. Assist in understanding institutional and researcher responsibilities under the The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018, and the ANU policies and procedures that support them, including:
  1. Be available, accommodating, approachable and non-judgemental.
  2. Provide confidential and impartial advice to ANU students and staff members on matters of research integrity and the responsible conduct of research.
  3. Guide staff and students to appropriate support units within the University for non-research integrity matters.
  4. Immediately declare any conflict of interest that arise and refer the advisee to a different RIA.
  5. Remain uninvolved in the assessment or investigation of research misconduct cases.
  6. Remain uninvolved in authorship dispute matters.
  7. Do not make contact with the person who is the subject of the allegation or complaint.

Research Integrity Advisors

Current ANU Research Integrity Advisors are listed below; it is acceptable to contact an advisor outside your College for advice. It is your choice.

Contact point Contact details Research areas

Dr Rochelle Bailey

College of Asia & the Pacific

+61 2 6125 6322

Social and cultural anthropology; Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific [...]

Associate Professor Michelle Banfield

College of Health & Medicine

+61 2 6125 6547

Mental health; Primary health care; Health and community services; Health policy [...]

Professor Phil Batterham

College of Health & Medicine

+61 2 6125 1031

Mental health; Biostatistics; Psychological methodology, design and analysis; Epidemiology [...]

Associate Professor Gerry Corrigan

College of Health & Medicine

0409 202 394

Specialist studies in education; Curriculum and pedagogy [...]

Emeritus Professor Elmars Krausz

College of Science

+61 2 6125 3577

Surface & structural properties of condensed matter; Chemical thermodynamics & energetics; [...]

Associate Professor Cagri Kumru

College of Business & Economics

+61 2 6125 6126

Macroeconomic theory; Public economics; Public finance; Computations economics; [...]

Associate Professor James Sullivan

College of Science

+61 2 6125 0040

Atomic and molecular Physics; Condensed matter characterisation technique development [...]

Professor Kerry Taylor

College of Engineering, Computing & Cybernetics

+61 2 6125 8560

Web technologies (excl. web search); Pattern recognition and data mining; Conceptual modelling [...]

Associate Professor Pierre van der Eng

College of Business & Economics

+61 2 6125 5438

Business and labour history; Economic development and growth; International business [...]

Dr Isabel Wang

College of Business & Economics

+61 2 6125 5758

Auditing; Management accounting; Judgement and decision making in accounting [...]

Professor Mark Wilson

College of Business & Economics

+61 2 6125 3659

Accounting; Commerce; Business and economic history; Corporate finance [...]


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