Service Pulse

The University is introducing a three question pulse survey that will help measure customer satisfaction levels and identify key strengths and areas of improvement to help the IT Service Desk provide better customer support.


What is the Service Pulse Project?

The purpose of this project is to enable a customer satisfaction and feedback tracking system by integrating service based customer survey software (CIOPulse) into the current ServiceNow landscape within ITS and to establish an approach to dealing with this feedback.

Service Pulse provides near real time feedback on the level of satisfaction with service delivery allowing support staff the opportunity to deal with negative feedback, promote positive stories and work on problems causing frustration.

Why are we doing the Service Pulse project?

Information Technology Services, ANU has been in need of real time feedback on service desk tickets from the client perspective. Support staff and Team Leads will be able to perform better in terms of improving the quality of their service if they have exact feedback on what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Often when a ticket is resolved, with the current setup, Support staff and Team Leads are not notified of their strengths and weaknesses or there is no opportunity for a customer feedback process. In terms of coaching, it would also enable ITS staff to learn from individual feedback, allow management to tailor training and performance feedback to staff and allow staff to be commended on positive feedback as it arrives.


What is the project vision?

The Service Pulse Project will facilitate higher customer engagement and measure satisfaction levels of customers that will help the ITS Service Desk to work on key areas that matter to customers the most. In the phase 1 of the project roll-out, university staff will have the opportunity to provide feedback on service received when an incident is resolved or a request is fulfilled. The next phases of the project will roll-out the survey to other customer segment like students, VIPs’ and visitors to the ANU.

What will the project deliver?

The proposed project will include three main functions that will facilitate better levels of customer satisfaction:

  • Implement a fully supported customer satisfaction and feedback tracking system that integrates with ServiceNow;
  • Establish standard practices for customer handling and feedback;
  • Develop a strong coaching and feedback analysis process for teams and ServiceNow Staff.

What does this mean for me?

Some of the key features that will enable Service Pulse to measure customer satisfaction are:

  • Daily alerts to team leads about incident resolutions that need attention.
  • Opportunity to act on feedback and mitigate any issues about service delivery by allowing negative feedback to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Allows teams to understand what they are doing well.
  • Multiple levels of performance reporting and interactive live dashboards
  • Helps identify areas that are the most important to customers and build customer-centric teams.

When does Service Pulse go live?

Service Pulse will be live on 15 November 2018 for university staff. The roll-out of Service Pulse will continue for all remaining customer segments like VIPs’, Students and visitors to the ANU. For further information regarding the roll-out, please contact Service Desk.