Research Repository

The increase in a global movement towards open access publications and data together with the demand for performance and management data within the University, requires a reliable and sustainable system to meet research repository needs.


Research data is currently collected in a number of repositories and databases across the University, which have considerable overlap and limited or no integration.

This project complements the research management system project - it will integrate into the research management system solution.

The Research Repository - Phase 1 (Complete) recommended consolidating the research repositories into a single source of truth to provide opportunities to improve efficiencies in the storage, retrieval, integration and sharing of research information within the ANU.

Following this, Phase 2 was established to elicit business requirements to undertake a gap analysis of two established open source systems that are currently used at ANU, the intention being to make a determination for a suitable, sustainable product for open access research outputs.


Outcome 1: Recommendation of a sustainable Research Repository technical solution.

The recommended solution will provide stability and rectify reliability issues associated with dirty data due to high level customisation coupled with incompatibility with the existing version of the application.  Additionally, it will establish a robust platform for the proposed consolidation of a number of repositories and databases across the University. This will achieve administration efficiencies and eliminate duplication of data input.

Outcome 2: Advice on the short term and long term implications of Outcome 1.

The short term and long term implications will inform the decision and funding required, to proceed with Phase 3 of the project which is to implement the recommended solution. The implications document will address the requirements for the ongoing support and maintenance of the consolidated Research Repository.