Environmental Scan for a Research Management System (RMS)

Research is a critical objective of the academic and intellectual endeavours in ANU and has a significant impact on the University's national and international profile.


The ANU Research Services Division provides high quality services and advice at operational and strategic levels, to support the University's research endeavours. This includes, the establishment and maintenance of systems and processes allowing the successful initiation and management of projects, the delivery of statistical analysis, reports and recommendations in relation to research issues to the University Executive, Deans and Directors and compliance reporting obligations.

The ANU is undertaking an environmental scan of potential quality solutions that are available in the market representing both, best practice in research management and meeting the University's strategic objectives.  The intention is to make an informed decision on the procurement of a comprehensive fit for purpose, cost effective solution that will provide configurable functionality and ability to capture data and adapt to legislative changes whilst aligning with the University's data management requirements and strategic vision.


Outcome 1: Identification of viable options for the procurement of an Enterprise Research Management System

The environmental scan will identify potential quality solutions for ANU with the intention of procuring an efficient and sustainable university enterprise system for

  • managing and administering research outputs
  • simplifying processes
  • effective research data retrieval
  • supporting the five phases (plan, fund, perform, promote and preserve) of the Research Services lifecycle
  • interoperability and reusability