Class Allocation Project

What are we delivering?

The Class Allocation project in partnership with DSASS Timetabling team, is developing the digital capability to introduce MyTimetable. This is the introduction of Allocate +, a timetabling system that will provide an improved staff and student experience of managing timetabling activities. At the ANU we are calling the system MyTimetable and from Semester 2, 2022 MyTimetable will replace the need for the "unofficial' student timetable.

  • Staff access to MyTimetable is now available (from 20th June 2022), for more information, access and support please see the DSAAS Timetabling page.
  • Students will be able to access MyTimetable from 11th July 2022, for access and support please see the Student Timetabling page.

How will it improve our services?

The features and improvements this project will bring include: 

  • Enabling students to view the timetable for their enrolled courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials so they can better plan their time. 
  • For Course Conveners and Student Administrators it will reduce the administrative load of allocation-related emails. Course Conveners will get alerts advising when allocations are nearly full, they’ll have the ability to reveal sessions incrementally, obtain class lists and move students between tutorials. 
  • The system will support many simultaneous users, freeing up allocation opening times and providing real-time updates to timetabling information through an integrated web and mobile portal.

Our approach

In consultation with academic and professional staff, we are refreshing processes such as managing student allocations and allocation change requests, to leverage the functions of the new system and reduce the administrative burden on staff.

The involvement of Course Convenors, Student and Education Administrators and Student Services staff is crucial in delivering an improved student experience.  We will consult, involve and collaborate with staff and students to support an easy transition and deep adoption of refreshed processes, embedded into local practice.

Implementation partners

The Class Allocation Project team (Information Technology Services Division - ITS) is delivering the project for the business owner - the Registrar (Division of Student Administration and Academic Services - DSAAS). Teams initially involved in the technical and business implementation are the Database & Integration Services team (ITS), the Application Development & Support team (ITS), the Timetabling team (DSAAS) and the Student Business Services team (DSAAS).

Involvement from education leaders, teaching and professional staff is crucial to lead staff, test the system, refresh allocation processes and use training resources. This level of involvement will provide our staff with the confidence they need to use the system to reduce their workload and provide a consistent experience for students.

Each College and some Schools have nominated Implementation Coordinators – a full list of these is on the MyTimetable Sharepoint SharePoint page.

We are implementing a software as a service solution, Allocate Plus which is used in many universities across Australia. The vendor (JDR Software Pty Ltd) was selected through a procurement process in 2020.

Where are we up to?

A timeline of the MyTimetable project
MyTimetable timeline


Engagement Pilot Training Semester 2 On-going support

College/Schools Co-ordination

Small pilot Semester 1

Pilot group early adoption learnings

MyTimetable introduced for Student allocations

Transition to new way of working utilising MyTimetable

Engagement and support with staff, students and academics

MyTimetable process tasks reviewed

College/School process adoption and system training



Preparation and support

In preparation for using the MyTimetable system, staff and students will have online resources to explain how best to use the system, as well as being given the opportunity to attend virtual briefings and face-to-face sessions.

The Project team, the Timetabling team and the ITS Service Desk will all be available to provide support to staff and students as the system is used.