ANU Recruit

The 2013 budget solution package identified online recruitment as a key opportunity for process improvement through streamlining and automation.

About the project

From 1 October 2014 the Online Recruitment project moves the process of recruiting staff online, removing the current need for paper based forms and approvals.

The new system, ANU Recruit, means a new and easier way of working for those who work in HR or have to recruit new staff.  ANU Recruit will increase administrative efficiency through coordinated and consistent processes and systems across the University and rationalise the extensive number of approval processes.

It also assists with advertisements and can be used for appointments without advertisement, variations to appointment and contract extensions.

HR staff have received training in how to use the system and will support hiring managers in working through the new process and system.

Delivering improved services

The benefits of ANU Recruit include:

Process efficiency and workload minimisation

  • Coordinated and consistent business process across the University
  • Clarity of recruitment process roles and responsibilities
  • Reduction in transactional workload

Financial sustainability

  • Integration with the current enterprise system (HRMS)
  • Substantial cost savings by removing the need for replacement of existing enterprise system

Improved user and customer expectations

  • Improved user satisfaction and engagement
  • Increase responsiveness and quality of service

Improved business information

  • Accurate data on business critical information i.e. time to recruit
  • Ability to make informed decisions

What it means for staff

From 1 October 2014, staff will need to access ANU Recruit to advertise, recruit and appoint new staff.

ANU Recruit includes a suite of standardised Position Descriptions and Letters of Offer. Also included are a range of reports, providing staff with valuable information, such as time-to-fill, onboarding details, and demographic data.

Jobs that close after the 30th September 2014 have been transferred into the new ANU Recruit system.  Chair and Selection Committee Members will have automatic access to view the jobs and applications. All jobs in IMPEL before the 30th September 2014 will continue to be managed within this system and have not been migrated to ANU Recruit.

Support and assistance


Training will be rolled out to the Schools/colleges to enable staff to have basic user skills.

Training material, quick reference guides and videos are available on ANU Recruit Resources.

System access and support

ANU staff will have automatic basic access to ANU Recruit, utilising their normal HORUS Logon details.  If you require Recruitment Selection Support Access, then you will need to complete the HR Systems form and email it to HR Systems for processing.

Highlight news

18 Nov 2014

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