Changes to parking conditions on Acton campus

8 January 2018

We would like to draw your attention to a few changes to parking conditions that have been implemented this year:

Following the introduction of the Australian National University (Parking & Traffic) Statute 2017 on 1 January 2018, some changes to parking conditions on campus have been required to ensure compliance with the Statute and ACT road transport legislation. Considerable thought has been given to reducing the impact of these changes on permit holders. 

The most significant of these changes relate to:

  1. The process for appealing parking infringements
  2. The introduction of dedicated Pay and Display zones (see below and map for further details)
  3. The increase in disability infringement penalty to align with ACT penalties

To fully comply with the new ANU Parking & Traffic Statute and ACT road transport legislations, dedicated Pay and Display zones have been introduced in the following four carparks from 1 January 2018:

  • Law
  • Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies
  • Baldessin Surface (between Baldessin Parking Station and the School of Music)
  • Peter Karmel (next to the School of Music)

Reallocation of the parking spaces within these carparks was determined on the following basis:

  • they needed to all be in the same area to allow for signage to clearly show the demarcated rows;
  • to maximise the number of permit spaces in those car parks.

The reallocation of parking spaces has resulted in an increase in the number of permit spaces available:

Peter Karmel – 50 parking bays (out of 63) are now available exclusively to permit holders

Baldessin Surface – 71 parking bays (out of 105) are now available exclusively to permit holders

Law – All spaces have reverted back to Pay and Display to accommodate demand for short term parking in this area

Centre for Arab Studies – 9 parking bays (out of 17) are now available exclusively to permit holders

Please take note of the Pay & Display signs that have been installed at entrances to the car parks advising of changed parking conditions within the car park. The Paid Parking signs have also been changed to advise that the car parks are for “Permit holders unless signposted as Pay & Display”. A large number of pay & display signs have also been installed to indicate the areas set aside for drivers paying to park using a ticket/voucher.

The Pay & Display zones where changes have been made are indicated by the yellow lines on the map as your surface parking permit is not valid in these zones. To enable sufficient time for permit holders to become familiar with these changes, warnings will be issued up until the end of next week for illegally parked vehicles in these zones. Infringements will, however,  be issued from 15 January 2018.

Please see the Parking website for more information or call the Parking Office on 6125 0179 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Parking Office