Feature articles

A feature is longer than a news articles and is written in past tense.

Feature articles allow space for more depth. It allows you to add detail and creativity to your expression around the questions of: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Top tips

  • Identify your story: exactly what is it about? Is it about the research, or the researcher? Is it the research process or the importance of a research outcome? Is it about the educator or the student? Is it about the education process or outcome?
  • There is scope for creativity in a feature. Which tone suits the story? Is there space for humour, experimenting with cadence, playing on words, motifs, metaphors...
  • Make it interesting. You need to assess your article by asking: is this actually the most interesting thing about this person/topic? Is this what people really want to know about in more depth? Is it really what you would tell your mate over coffee?
  • Vary your sentences. Don't fall into the trap of writing all sentences in the same rhythm and length.
  • Write in past tense: "Georgie said that she has always eaten Danish pastries."
  • One sentence is one paragraph.

Finally, ask yourself this question: would I read this?  If the answer is 'no', re-write.