Social media

The social media world is constantly evolving. People are using it increasingly as their source of news and information.

All ANU community members are welcome to participate in social media and contribute to the University's online personality. Community members should always be transparent about their relationship to ANU on social media.

The personal use of social media must not bring the University to disrepute. Guidelines exist for staff and student participation in social media.

Tips for participating in social media

Know your audience

Who is going to read what you've written? Having a clear idea of who is out there, and what they're interested in, will save you time and make your interaction more meaningful.

Be interactive

Social media is about talking with people, not at them. Don't just think about what you want to tell people, think about what you want people to do and what you want them to tell you.

Think about how your audience might want to engage with you. Respond to questions promptly and politely.

Become a consumer of social media

The best way to learn about social media is to become a consumer of it. Before you start interacting in the social media space, take your time to observe and learn from others.

Be thoughtful, tell your story

Just because social media requires less words, doesn't mean it requires less thought.

Stories can and should be told through social media. It can take just as long writing a meaningful post, tweet or blog as writing a story.

Think twice about everything you post. The worst errors happen when you are trying to get something out quickly.

Keep it real

Make sure to communicate in an authentic voice, do not spin. If you are promoting a product, event or action be clear about your intent and your relationship to the University.