Academics in the media

ANU has a culture of openness in media relations and communication.

Academic staff are encouraged and supported to comment within their area of expertise, reflected in the University's strategic plan ANU by 2025. The University also has a policy on public debate which says that academics can expect the University to support their right to speak publicly, provided they speak within their area of expertise and their comments are defensible based upon their research.

In line with this culture of openness, reporters and other media professionals are encouraged to contact ANU researchers directly with their interview requests, and researchers do not need to seek special permission to speak to media professionals provided they are commenting within the area of their expertise.

To ensure that ANU researchers are prepared and comfortable with dealing directly with journalists and media professionals, ANU Communications & Engagement (ACE) provides regular media skills workshops, as well as ad-hoc advice and guidance.

The main exception to this principle is for comments relating to the operations of ANU as an institution. These requests should be directed to the Director of ACE for comment by members of the Executive.

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