ANU logo

The ANU logo is one of the most fundamentally important components of the ANU Identity and must be used in the manner that is outlined in the guidelines.

Whilst the ANU logo is available for download by ANU staff, there are certain procedures that must be adhered to when using the logo, please see below. Prior to using the ANU logo please read the logo use guidelines

  • The University owns the legal rights to the ANU logo, see the Use of the University name & signia policy.
  • By downloading the logo you agree to adhere to the conditions outlined in the above policy and to section 03.1 in the guidelines.
  • Any misuse of the logo may result in formal action. 
  • If you provide the ANU logo to an external organisation you must provide them with the logo use guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure the external organisation uses the logo correctly.

Download the ANU logo files via the ANU Identity Hub.