Education Design

Get help with increasing student interactivity, online engagement, assessment and feedback strategies, designing your Learning Management System (LMS) site, choosing and using educational technologies, digital pedagogy, and much more!

The CLT Education Design Team offers support services in a range of formats. Our goal is to help you enhance your teaching practices and student learning experiences, with practical solutions to your teaching needs. We ground our advice, design and development work with reference to educational research and the principle that teaching and learning are contextual: we put consultation and partnership with your discipline expertise at the centre of what we do.


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Individual and small-group support for face-to-face teaching

Flexible, at-elbow support, offered in-person or online to individuals, or small groups at a time that suits.


Consultation and support services can include help with:

  • increasing interactivity in learning, such as interactive lectures
  • supporting student engagement online and in-person
  • assessments, lectures or feedback
  • choosing appropriate educational technology suited to your teaching approach.

Consultation Testimonials

“You’ve given me so much useful, practical advice that I can apply to this upcoming exam, and also to the future assessment designs.” –  Academic, CASS (personal communication) 

“Thank you very much, {Claire}! It was a very informative session and I’m keen to try out Polls as well as padlet or Miro. So thanks very much. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming Staff Education workshops on Zoom.” – Academic Skills (personal communication) 

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how the Live Tutorials went last week. I think it was just great I had the practice with you, thank you so much!! They [students] were a bit shy to show themselves at first, but then I split them up into break-out rooms and that was the best part. They started talking and turning their cameras on, and once they were back in the main room, they started talking more.” – Academic, CBE (personal communication)

Contact the Education Design Team

Email us at with your query or request.


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Education Design Projects

Need help with something more than 'just-in-time' support? Have an ambitious idea you want to develop over an extended period of time that aligns with the ANU Learning and Teaching Strategy?

 Contact the Education Design Team

Email us at about education design projects.