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Case studies

Using technology in your course does not mean you have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Learn from the experience of other ANU academics in these case studies.



Hybrid Teaching: Learn more about Hybrid teaching, a teaching mode which combines face-to-face and online teaching into one cohesive experience.
Hybrid teaching/dual delivery

Virtual Reality (VR): The arrival of highly immersive, affordable Virtual Reality (VR) headsets in recent years promised a step-change in experiential learning.
Experiencing the Impossible – Virtual Realities for Education
Exploring Learning Spaces at ANU: John Debs and VR

Engaging students in Zoom: Read how ANU academics are using Zoom breakout rooms, polls and other tools to provide a more engaging experience to students.
Teaching Remotely with Zoom – a series 

Using Zoom breakout rooms and sharing whiteboards
Transitioning to Remote Learning: One tutor’s experience and tips
Poll Everywhere
Combining Poll Everywhere with Pedagogy

Social interactivity and remote learning environments

Using Memes in your course: Memes in Teaching? Learn how you can harness your students as content creators.

Respectful Learning Memes

Inclusive Learning: Assistive technology offers a growing array of opportunities to make life easier and more inclusive for people with disabilities. A significant feature is embedding disability specific technology into mainstream platforms for the benefit of all users.
Echo 360 ASR – Inclusive Learning

Compiling and re-using the ‘best of’ previous lecture recordings: Learn how you can re-use lecture recordings in a meaningful way.
Raiding the Treasure Trove

Interactivity in large group classes: Learn how you can maximised engagement and interactivity in a large-group mixed-cohort course.
Interactivity and COVID adaptation in large-group teaching: Torts Law

Assessments: Find out about the experience of ANU students and academics with Proctorio
Proctorio: the lived experience

Access more case studies from the Interact blog.