Digital tools for Learning and Teaching

Digital tools supported for learning and teaching at ANU. For a list of all software available at ANU, see Software & Systems.

Many of the links to further information below lead to the Wattle Manual.  Visit the Index Page of the Wattle Manual first, as this enables your permission for access to other pages.

Assessment and feedback, originality checking


Description: A text matching service to check originality of submitted work; including the Feedback Studio with options for grading including a rubric, reusable comments and  voice recordings.
More information: Turnitin pages in the Wattle Manual.

Wattle (Moodle) Quiz

Description: Creating quizzes and providing formative feedback.
More information: Quizzes section in the Wattle Manual.

Curriculum data, course outlines

Curriculum Management System (CMS)

Description: Stores curriculum data and assists with the development, mapping, approvals and publishing of curriculum items.
More information and login: Curriculum Management System (CMS)

Digital whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard

Description: Brainstorming and collaborating built into Zoom meetings and breakout rooms.
More information: Zoom online whiteboard

MS Whiteboard

Description: Collaborative visualising ideas and creating notes, templates
More information: MS Whiteboard


Description: Online whiteboard for teams to collaborate visually on ideas, projects, and plans in real-time, like brainstorming, mind mapping, and diagramming. Think of it as a digital sticky note board where everyone can contribute and see changes instantly, even when remote.
More information: Create a Miro Educational account



Description: Creating and sharing eportfolios; students may upload evidence and record reflection of progress towards learning goals or outcomes.
More information and login: ePortfolio

Exam invigilation


Description: Online proctoring of exams, including ID verification and plagiarism detection tools.
More information: Proctorio

Interactive content

H5P (in Wattle)

Description: Creating and sharing interactive content in Wattle, e.g. accordion style pages, hotspot questions, interactive books and videos, branching scenarios, etc.
More information: H5P Explained -- log into Wattle before accessing this self-enrolable course.


College specific: Medical School only
Description: Delivering interactive lessons.
More information: What is the kuraCloud desktop application?

Learning content management

Learning Content Management System (LCMS), based on Alfresco

College specific: Medical School only
Description: Open-source-based document management system
More information: Medical School Staff Guides, LCMS

Learning Management System (LMS)

Wattle (Moodle)

Description: The LMS is the primary web presence for most courses, providing online learning materials, interactivity, communication, assessment, feedback and reporting. The ANU LMS,  known as Wattle (Web Access To Teaching and Learning Environments), is based on the open-source Moodle platform, with a number of other integrated facilities.
More information: Wattle Manual; Wattle support; Login

Lecture recording/Video capture


Description: Integrated with Wattle, Echo360 is installed in many ANU teaching venues to provide automated recording of audio and video projection (e.g. slides) for lectures, seminars and lectorials. Interactive options to further engage learners, include: polls, Q&A text-based discussions, live streaming and transcription. Additional video material may be uploaded and managed in Echo360, including embedded video in other Wattle-based content (e.g. "Books").
More information: Echo360 in the Wattle Manual; Echo360: Getting started for instructors

Online virtual board


Description: A tool to create interactive boards to organise and share ideas, resources, or project materials in a visually compelling format.
More information: Padlet

Polling tools


Description: Add Polls among your Echo360 slides to use during lectures, or into your videos creating "interactive media", to encourage student engagement. (See also above: Lecture recording/Video capture

More information: Echo360 Polls - Overview.

Poll Everywhere

Description: Creating and hosting polls, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds
More information: ANU Software & Systems: PollEverywhere


Description: Within a Microsoft Teams meeting, add the Polls App to set up polls for use during a meeting, including Multiple Choice, Quiz, Word Cloud, Ranking, Rating
More information: Microsoft: Poll attendees during a Teams meeting

Zoom polls

Description: Creating single or multiple-choice questions for meetings, classes or training sessions
More information: Zoom: Conducting Polls in Meetings

Student Management System


College specific: For non award courses and micro credentials only
Description: Managing all aspects of hosting courses including enrolments, timetabling and database.
More information: Hosting & Learning Management Ecosystem


MS Forms

Description: Creating surveys and quizzes with the option of adding videos to the questions
More information:  New to Forms? Start here! Access Forms in your Microsoft365 account;


Description: Run surveys for academic research, teaching and learning, administrative support and improvement purposes.
More information: Qualtrics at ANU

Synchronous online classes


Description: Video conferencing and online classes.
More information: ANU Zoom Client


Description: Video conferencing and online classes.
More information: ANU Microsoft365; Microsoft Teams for Education

Echo360 - Live Streaming

Description: Echo360 includes the option to Live Stream a lecture to online students.  Online students receive the video being projected (e.g. slides) and audio from the lecturer's microphone; they can participate in polls and in the Q&A discussion on Echo360 slides.  While this can be a valuable online option for some courses, it does not provide the same experience as the video conference platforms, as the online students cannot be seen or heard in the physical classroom, they cannot see or hear other students, and there can be a few minutes delay in the stream they receive (e.g. they might miss participating in a quick poll). If your Echo360 recording is scheduled already, you still need to opt-in for Echo360 Live Streaming through a request to the ITS ServiceDesk.

More information: Echo360 - Live Streaming for instructors; ServiceDesk (login to request Live Streaming)

Video editing


Windows Photos - Video editor

Description: Editing video
More information: Create films with a video editor -- see instructions for Legacy Video Editor app

iMovie (Mac)

Description: Editing video – free and preinstalled on Apple devices
More information: iMovie User Guide