Digital tools for Learning and Teaching

ANU has many digital tools available for teaching and learning. Some can only be used on ANU managed devices, and some can be downloaded for use on personal devices.  For a list of all tools with enterprise agreements see Software & Systems. 

Digital Whiteboards 

Digital Whiteboards make it easy to collaborate with others either face-to-face in the classroom or digitally. They can be used as substitutions for traditional classroom whiteboards or because they have additional features for diagramming, flowcharts, voting and can even include multimedia content. 

Tool Draw and virtual
post-it notes
Provides Templates Participant access
without logging in
OneNote Integration Microsoft Teams
Advanced mind mapping
& diagramming tools
Miros X X X   X X
MS Whiteboard X X   X X  


  • Miro has hundreds of templates and advanced features to promote online collaboration.  Educational accounts with Miro can be set up by following the steps here. For help and more information visit Miro

  • Microsoft Whiteboard offers an alternative to in class whiteboards that encourages collaboration, brainstorming and planning in an online environment.  Microsoft Whiteboard is available as part of the ANU Office365 licence.  For more information see Microsoft help. 

Polling tools 

ANU has access to a range of Polling tools which can help students gain insights into their own learning or assist lecturers to identify gaps in the learners' comprehension. To learn more about the use of Polling in classes visit the Teaching at ANU site or sign up for the next Staff Ed Polling Workshop. 

Tool Multichoice
& free text
Additonal options Asynchronous Live Export to Excel
Wattle X   X    

Zoom pollX

X X   X X
MS Forms X X X X X
Poll Everywhere X X X X X
QualtricsX X X X X X
  • Wattle choice and Feedback options allow simple polling. See the Wattle Manual for more information

  • Zoom allows basic polling during live meetings or webinars. ANU has a corporate licence that allows all staff to download the Zoom client or run meetings through a web interface. Visit the Zoom Help Center for more information. 

  • MS Forms allows multiple types of information to be polled and polls can be attached to Microsoft Teams for live use. MS Forms is available as part of the ANU Office365 license to staff. For more information see Microsoft help

  • Poll Everywhere offers advanced polling features. ANU staff can activate a PollEv account and create a Poll by following these steps. For help using these features, visit Poll Everywhere. 

  • Qualtrics offers advanced features for surveys. ANU staff can  establish an account following these steps. For training, please visit Qualtrics

Video Editing 

There are many tools that can be used for video editing, from free web-based tools to software installed on your machine. The best tool for editing your video depends on the type of material you are editing and type of edits you need to make. Below are the video editing tools available for staff use at ANU. For simple video editing, lectures or presentations we recommend Windows Video Editor or iMovie. Adobe Premier Pro has the largest range of features for video editing, but also requires more training to be used effectively. 

For further advice on how to make teaching videos and to see some examples from the ANU, visit the Videos for Learning and Teaching site. 

Tool Trim and cut video Chunk and combine videos Add title slides Insert images Add voice overs Add music tracks Advanced editing features
Echo360 X X          
Windows Video Editor X X   X X X  
iMovie X X X X X X  
Rush (ADOBE) X X X X X X  
Premier Pro (ADOBE) X X X X X X X
  • Echo360 can help organise and edit videos within your course site as well as record videos with Universal Capture. To access Echo350 visit the Software & systems page. For more information visit the Echo360 website

  • Windows Video Editor can be downloaded as part of Microsoft Photos 10 from the Software Centre on ANU managed devices. For more information visit Microsoft help

  • iMovie is included on ANU Macs and iPads. For training visit Apple’s iMovie user guide

  • Rush can be downloaded for free for mobile devices from the App Store and Google Play, downloaded and installed from the Software Centre/Self Service on ANU managed devices or installed on a personal device via the Adobe Creative Cloud. For Rush tutorials visit the Adobe site. 

  • Adobe Premiere can be downloaded and installed from the Software Centre/Self Service on ANU managed devices or  installed on a personal device via the Adobe Creative Cloud.  For help visit the  Premier Pro Adobe website