Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

What is this survey about?

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) invites PhD and MPhil candidates to give feedback about the quality of research training and support they experience at ANU during their candidature. ANU has been running PRES since 2021. This year, PRES will be run again through Advance HE (UK based sector-owned charity) and Jisc (online survey tool), so that we can benchmark our student experience with the world.

ANU PRES outcome reports are tabled at the Higher Degree Research Committee (HDRC) to address the key issues arising from the survey results, with the aim of improving research training at ANU.

All ANU PhD and MPhil candidates are invited to participate in the 2023 PRES. If you are a PhD or MPhil candidate and you have not seen, or you cannot find, your PRES invitation in your ANU email inbox after Wednesday 19 April 2023, please contact ANU Institutional Research at or +61 2 6125 1222.


How does it work?

If you are a PhD or MPhil candidate at ANU, you will receive an invitation to complete this survey from Advance HE to your ANU email. It will contain a link that you can click or copy and paste into a browser of your choice. That link is unique to you. You will receive this email on the date the survey opens.

As with all the ANU surveys you will receive from us, you can complete this survey on a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

Student surveys at ANU are voluntary. We encourage you to read the Participant Information Sheet before commencing the survey so that you know how we collect, manage, and use survey responses, which can inform your decision to participate.


How does this survey impact me?

This survey is confidential. A confidential survey means that we will link your UID (your unique University Identification number) to your responses, so that you don't have to give us information you have already provided to the University over and over again.

Importantly, all data that are used for reporting to inform University decision-making is de-identified. This means that, no individual can be identified and reporting is always conducted in aggregate. Only select staff from the Institutional Research team within Planning and Service Performance have access to survey data prior to de-identification. As is your right, you may request to retrieve a copy of your response and/or delete your response at any time.

Information about what we link your UID with for this survey, who has access to the data, and how it will be stored is detailed in the Privacy Impact Assessment. All ANU student surveys administered by ANU Institutional Research will have a document called a Privacy Impact Assessment, which will be available to review before you receive your invitation to participate in these surveys.


What were the outcomes of the 2021 and 2022 surveys? What is the data used for?

The data in this survey are used to inform decision-making about the support and improvement of research training. When you respond to an ANU survey, your voice and experience becomes part of the information that decision-makers use to listen to and understand what the University community needs.

For result highlights please see:

Results Infographic - PRES 2021

Results Infographic - PRES 2022


Why are you partnering with an external organisation to deliver this survey?

Advance HE administers the PRES using the Jisc Online Survey tool. Advance HE is a member-led and sector-owned charity working to improve higher education. ANU has been a member of Advance HE (and its predecessor, Higher Education Academy, UK) since 2014. Jisc is an organisation that has been supporting data collection in the UK higher education sector for over 50 years.

A key benefit to participating in the PRES is that it enables us to benchmark the ANU PhD and MPhil candidate experience internationally. This supports ANU in the pursuit of providing a candidate experience equal to the world's best. Advance HE provides benchmarking reports comparing ANU with all participating universities (global), the UK pre-92 (universities that were part of the sector prior to the 1992 Dawkins-style reforms in the UK) and the UK Russell Group (world-class research intensive universities as a proxy for the Australian Group of Eight).


2023 PRES

Survey opens 19/04/2023
Survey closes 10/05/2023