Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

What is this survey about?

The Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) is an Australian Government run survey administered by Social Research Centre to graduates of Australian higher education institutions approximately four to six months after finishing their studies. 

GOS asks graduates about their employment outcomes and educational experience including information on salaries, occupation and skills utilisation. The GOS has been administered annually since 2016.

Information on the ComparED website about graduate employment outcomes and satisfaction is sourced from the GOS, including responses from domestic undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level graduates. 

For more detail, head to the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website for the latest GOS National Report and more information about the survey methodology:

How does it work?

Recent graduates of Australian higher education institutions are in scope for the GOS, including at undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research level.

In-scope participants will receive an invitation via email to participate in the GOS from the Social Research Centre.

The GOS is run over three separate rounds across the year.

It is voluntary and all feedback is strictly confidential. We strongly encourage graduates to participate.

2023 GOS-L collection:

Survey opens 16/02/2023
Survey closes 26/03/2023

2023 GOS (February) collection:

Survey opens 2/02/2023
Survey closes 5/03/2023

2023 GOS (May) collection:

Survey opens 27/04/2023
Survey closes 28/05/2023

2023 GOS (November) collection:

Survey opens 26/10/2023
Survey closes 26/11/2023