Logging an IT Service Desk job

System: Service Now »

Follow the instructions below.


Step 1

Open an internet URL and navigate to servicedesk.anu.edu.au 

Step 2

Login with your ANU ID and Horus/ISIS password.

Step 3

Select Get Some Help.

Step 4

Select Report something broken.

Step 5

Fill in the form with the required details of your request/incident.

  • Affected contact: Is the person who is having the issue;
  • You are: The contact for the request/incident;
  • Location: If applicable provide the location of the fault;
  • Date and time fault first noticed: Provide time details
  • Select what best matches your issue;
  • Urgency: Advise how urgent this request is;
  • Short description: Provide a meaningful description of the request/incident;
  • Watchlist: If you would like multiple people to view this request/incident advise who; and
  • Addtional information: Provide details of your request/incident.

Step 6

Select Submit.

Once the request/incident has been submitted the request/incident will be sent through to your IT provider.