Proctorio identity declaration for ANU Students

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The following is the Proctorio identity declaration prepared for ANU Students.


Proctorio identity declaration, student consent and declaration on examination conditions

By clicking "I accept, begin exam now" (button in Proctorio) I represent and warrant that I am the person whose name is associated with the login used in this assessment system. I further certify that I am the person whose name appears on the identification presented and that said identification is legible in the image shown.

If over the age of 18, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Proctorio’s Terms of Service, and to Proctorio’s Privacy Policy. If under the age of 18, I understand that when my parent or legal guardian provided consent to the Institution for my access to the Services, they consented to the same terms and privacy policy.  If I or my parent or legal guardian have any questions regarding the Proctorio’s Terms of Service or Proctorio’s Privacy Policy, I or my parent or legal guardian will not click “I accept, begin exam now” and will contact Proctorio before clicking "I accept, begin exam now" or otherwise using the Proctorio Services.

I agree and acknowledge that:

  • I have read and understood the expectations and requirements regarding this examination as described on the Examination Conduct webpage. 
  • I am eligible and able to undertake this examination.
  • I will follow the directions set out in the examination instructions.
  • During the examination I will not access or have in my possession materials that are not expressly permitted by the course convener or on the Examination Conduct webpage.  
  • My work in this examination:
    • upholds the principles of academic integrity as defined in the Academic Integrity Rule 2021
    • is original.
    • is produced for the purposes of this examination and has not been submitted for assessment or examination in any other context.
    • in no part involves cheating, collusion, fabrication, plagiarism.
  • The use of my WATTLE account to electronically undertake and submit this examination task constitutes my agreement to this declaration.
  • If I do not agree to this declaration, I will not click on the “I accept, begin exam now” button and will instead apply for a deferred examination in accordance with the process and timeframes set out on the Deferred examinations webpage. Failure to comply with the prescribed deferred examination process and timeframes may result in failing the examination task.