Professional Casual timesheets FAQs

Professional Casual timesheets frequently asked questions

The FAQ section will contain frequently asked questions that have been collated throughout the development and testing of the automated application of Enterprise Agreement rules.

Will casuals need to know how to apply clauses of the Enterprise Agreement (like overtime) when enntering their times?

No, the new automation to the professional casual timesheets automatically applies the Enterprise Agreement rules to the timesheet, based on the casual employee type.  

Will supervisors be able to see the submitted form AND the form after it's changed by the EA?

Yes, the supervisors will see the submitted time, and then the automated allocation of those hours in relation to minimum engagement and overtime provisions.

How will staff know if their timesheet has been approved?

Staff members will receive an automated email when the timesheet has been approved by the supervisor.

Can supervisors send timesheets back to staff?

Yes, if the supervisor is not happy with the information submitted in the timesheet they can send it back to the staff member for amendments to be made.

Is there a way for HR staff to amend timesheets?

No, HR staff have had their access to edit timesheets removed as a part of this automation.

How will a HR practitioner know which pays are outstanding?

Timesheet administrators will be able to access timesheet reports in the HR Management System

  • Timesheet status report: to identify timesheets which may need following up- either with the employee or the employees supervisor.
  • Timesheet details report: report on all details contained in the timesheets
  • Timesheet exception report: to identify scenarios where manual intervention may be required.

Further information in relation to access to, and running reports can be found on the Timesheet Training resources web page.

How many timesheets can an employee see?

The staff member will be able to see and enter timesheet details for the current pay period, and the previous pay period.



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