Printing in the Library - Multi-Function Device (MFD)

How to print using Follow Me and Follow Me Colour

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. In the print dialogue window select Follow Me (for black and white) or Follow Me Colour (for full colour), then click on Print. The default setting is for double-sided printing.
  3. The print job is now listed in your print queue, where it will be held for two hours.

How to release a print job from an MFD:

  1. Tap your ANU ID card on the sensor
    • If you are using a pre-paid Recharge voucher or do not have your ANU ID card:
      1. Press Primary ID.
      2. Enter your pre-paid Recharge Voucher number or ANU ID.
      3. Press OK.
      4. Press Login.
      5. Press PIN and enter your four-digit PIN (create a new one if prompted). If you have forgotten your PIN go to to re-set it.
      6. Press OK.
      7. Press OK.
  2. Select all or individual jobs
  3. Press Start
  4. Press Log Off/Access