Copying using a Multi-Function Device (MFD)

At the Multi-Function Device (MFD):

  1. Press Copy, Scan, Fax.
  2. Tap your ANU ID card on the sensor pad.
    • If you are using a pre-paid Recharge voucher or do not have your ANU ID card:
      • Press Primary ID.
      • Enter your pre-paid Recharge Voucher number or ANU ID.
      • Press OK.
      • Press Login.
      • Press PIN and enter your four-digit PIN (create a new one if prompted). If you have forgotten your PIN go to to re-set it.
      • Press OK.
      • Press OK.
  3. Open the MFD lid and place the document you wish to copy face-down on the flatbed scanner.
  4. Press Start.
    • If you are copying multiple pages, repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of your documents have been copied.
  5. Once you have finished copying, press Log Off.