Reference services

ITS subscribes to a range of IT research services available to staff and students to assist in gaining insight into innovative IT solutions.

Corporate Executive Board (CEB)

Corporate Executive Board is a member-based advisory company that offers solutions to functional and IT management challenges facing CIOs and senior IT executives.

CEB is available to all ANU IT Services staff and will assist IT practitioners, to identify technology redundancies, benchmark technology plans against those of fellow IT peers, connect IT projects to business goals and engage businesses in IT plans.

CEB's solutions help members transform the IT function and enhance corporate performance by becoming better IT managers.

Access to this site is now available to ITS staff by logging in through the CEB website.

First-time visitors to the site wanting to sign in to CEB need to click on 'Become a Client' and will be asked to provide contact information including their name, business email address and phone number as well as their organisational name and position.

The Ovum Knowledge Centre

The Ovum Knowledge Centre is available to all ANU staff and students with unlimited 'reader' access. Use your University ID to log on to the Ovum website.

This access includes

  • Data Access: Unlimited access to the data contained within the Knowledge Centre
  • Customer Support: E-mail and telephone support, limited to questions on 'how to find' information and 'how to operate' the Knowledge Centre.
  • Limitations: This specifically excludes the provision of opinion on areas relating to specific papers or areas of expertise covered by the research agenda. Responses only by e-mail.
  • Ovum will allocate up to 30 minutes to answer Reader's questions, and we endeavour to answer your question within 2 business days.