Email account termination

Different email account termination procedures are followed for students and staff members when they leave the University.

All emails sent to and from an ANU email account are the property of ANU, staff email accounts will be stored indefinitely for legal compliance.


When a student graduates from the University they can continue to access their ANU email account as an alumni. The standard student email address ( is set to an alumni email address ( In the case of postgraduate students, the personal name-based email address ( is removed. 

Login credentials for the alumni account will remain the same and any email forwarding that was previously setup will still be in place. Students can choose to have their Alumni email account deleted by contacting the Service Desk.

Note: Students will lose access to any data saved in their OneDrive, and in addition, the license to use the Microsoft Office 365 software for free ends, and students will have to purchase a software license from Microsoft or a retailer for continued use.If a student leaves the University without graduating, all access to their student email address will be removed and their account will not be set to an alumni email address.


When a staff member leaves the University the email account is terminated 21 days after the Human Resources (HR) leave date. The HR leave date may not be the specific date that the employee has physically left the University. Any email forwarding that was previously setup will be deactivated.

Staff members are able to contact the Service Desk prior to the 21-day deactivation date and request a personal storage file of their ANU email account (which will be delivered in PST format).

Note: When the staff email account is deactivated, staff members will no longer be able to access their ANU email account or OneDrive data. Upon leaving the university the free use Microsoft Office 365 software ends, staff members will have to purchase a software license from Microsoft or a retailer for continued use.