Staying in touch

There are several ways in which retired staff members can maintain their links to ANU Community, all of which are listed below.

The Australian National University Emeritus Faculty

The Emeritus Faculty of ANU comprises former academic and general staff members of The University who wish to continue an association with the University to serve its interests and those of the wider community.

The Emeritus Faculty website provides information about the Emeritus Faculty's role within the University, as well as the benefits of membership located in the news section. Mr Giles Pickford the Emeritus Faculty Secretary, is also available to visit areas for informal discussions about the Faculty, about making retirement work for you, and why staff members may wish to join upon retirement.

Visiting Fellowships

The University may, at the discretion of the relevant Dean or Director, offer a Visiting Fellowship to a recently retired former member of the academic staff or a retired person from outside the University. Via such a fellowship, the relevant Dean or Director will allow the individual:

  • to continue scholarly work which, it is expected, will be completed within a reasonable time after retirement and which is likely to reflect credit on the University as well as the person
  • to maintain an association with the University which will be of continuing mutual benefit and
  • continued access to University facilities such as office and laboratory space, information technology and libraries.

At the end of the term of appointment, the Visiting Fellow must provide a written report to the delegate outlining his/her achievements during the fellowship.

University House

University House offers membership to staff members and graduates from recognised Universities. Staff members considering retirement (especially those not holding a graduate degree from a recognised University) may wish to consider joining University House prior to retirement.

The benefits of membership include some discounted University House services as well as reciprocity with various clubs throughout Australia and Overseas.

Volunteer work

A rewarding and productive way to maintain links with the University is through volunteer work. While there is no central ANU Volunteer network, retirees who wish to volunteer in a particular part of the University may wish to contact that area to ascertain if it has a volunteers program.

Drill Hall Gallery

The Australian National University has a lively visual and performing arts program,as part of which the Drill Hall Gallery provides audiences with changing exhibitions that are innovative, intellectually stimulating and critically engaging, and which highlight achievements in contemporary visual arts.

The gallery provides a cultural outreach resource for ANU at local, community, national and international level through its program of local and travelling exhibitions. It supports the arts in the Canberra region by providing link exhibitions developed in conjunction with the University's wide ranging academic interests and to coincide with major conferences and public events. It promotes community participation and access to the resources of the university.National and international exhibitions and works from the University's own extensive collection are features of the gallery's program. The Gallery is open to the public from February to December (Wed-Sun 12 - 5 pm) and admission is free.

The Drill Hall Gallery welcomes volunteers. For further information contact Nancy Sever, Director.

*The term 'retirement age' in this document, and linked documents means the age established by the relevant superannuation fund as the age at which superannuation funds can be accessed. Otherwise, continuing staff of the University have discretion in determining their retirement date.

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